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Victoria Gydov is a classically trained Soprano, originally from Copenhagen, Denmark whom has lived, trained and performed in Europe, the U.S. and Canada for many years in a variety of concerts in churches, theatrical and operatic productions, and with orchestras, at festivals, on TV, radio and recordings.  A truly versatile, operatically trained singer, with a broad vocal range (Dramatic Coloratura Soprano), Victoria successfully crosses over into other styles with conviction, and has extensive experience performing diverse genres such as opera, operetta, oratorio, musical theater, pop/operatic crossover, jazz, Christian contemporary, electronic dance music, pop and more!  As a composer, lyricist, songwriter and vocalist, she collaborates with composers internationally, such as with the dramatic and unique operatic/electronic dance music fusion song that she wrote Latin lyrics for and sang vocals on, “Lux Tua” set to music by “Hibernate”, which was signed to Paul Oakenfold’s “Perfecto Records" label (Armada Music).  The original recording of the song and its remix by Paul are currently being heard on the airwaves, on-line, and in his live shows across the globe, including at the historic and dramatic "Stonehenge" in England, and base camp of majestic and beautiful Mount Everest!  Victoria loves to travel and seek out new adventures, and she often returns to Europe to perform in special concerts, as well as across Ontario, Canada, and has been on tour in the U.S. and Canada with singers of The Royal Danish Opera.   

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