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Written by: Victoria Gydov © 2019 (All Rights Reserved)

"Inside of us all is a hero...a much stronger, confident and courageous version of ourselves that we may have yet to discover, to reveal, to inspire, dare to come forward...sometimes all we need is to truly believe that we CAN in fact, think, be and achieve all that we and now...for we ARE that person, we just need to convince ourselves of what we already know in our heart, we are capable of!" ~ Victoria Gydov © October 29, 2019


 "Sometimes taking chances, stepping our of our comfort zones, and daring to try something new can broaden our horizons, introduce us to incredible beauty, perhaps before overlooked, and bring out exciting and hidden facets and surprising strength and creativity in us that we never knew existed. Anything is possible, if you believe, and are willing to take the first bold...your adventures await!" ~ Victoria Gydov © October 29, 2019


"Just because you find yourself suddenly overcome by a dark shadow, doesn't mean that the sun has stopped shining on your life all together, sometimes it's just a question of shifting ourselves and our mindset a little to another direction to yet again find that ray of sunshine, and sometimes we just need to be patient to wait for that big, ominous cloud to blow on by. A single degree can mean a lot when navigating through life...sometimes all we need is a little adjustment in the right direction to get us back on course." ~ Victoria Gydov © October 6, 2011

"We have one life to live, embrace it beautifully; one body to house our spirit, treat it respectfully; one heart to guide us, listen to it intently; one Earth to inhabit, explore her gently; one chance to know God, seek Him faithfully." ~ Victoria Gydov © 2014

"Life is truly a precious, fragile, beautiful and entrusted that we can all hopefully, fully embrace, appreciate, cherish and guard with all of our heart, passion and will....regardless of where we’ve been, what may face now, or what the future may bring. We are ever-changing, evolving and growing...and are the only one that can and will ever live, breathe and experience life on Earth in this body, and will do so in each our own, unique way! There has never been, nor will there ever be, another YOU!!! We are each walking this path for the first time...making our way as best as we possibly can...through the hurdles, challenges, joys and sorrows...gathering scars, memories, and pearls of wisdom and knowledge...becoming more refined...a more genuine and honest SELF. I hope that we can learn to be more patient, forgiving, accepting, and light-hearted about ourselves, each other and our is not always easy...I know...and sometimes we may reach a breaking point...or the precipice of what we think we can’t go beyond. We ARE much stronger than we know...we can and will move beyond those times, doubts, fears and apprehensions...if we CHOOSE to NEVER GIVE UP. The paths we walk may be different, and we may be moving in multiple directions...but we can be comforted in knowing that we are never alone...and that no matter how isolated and disconnected we may feel at times...that we are all moving in a glorious, unified and parallel path towards greater understanding, love and light...contributing in more significant and powerful ways to each other’s lives, and the life energy around us, extending into the vastness of the universe, than we will ever understand while in this existence. Know that you are loved and special, and that you are here for a specific and wonderful never be afraid to THINK with purpose...SPEAK with purpose, LOVE with purpose, and LIVE ON purpose."  Victoria Gydov © (August 12, 2019)

"You can plant all the seeds you want...but can't force them to take root. Sometimes the seed is strong and ready, but the soil is not yet prepared for good things to grow there...and perhaps there are too many weeds and obstructions that prevent them from fully is no fault of your own. Time and patience are needed...and you must have faith and be able to walk away, and allow things to take their course...and if the soil and conditions are right...your seeds may take root and surprise you with something beautiful...whether you are there to witness it or not...the rest is up to God." - Victoria Gydov © (February 18, 2016)

"You are all completely unique, special and loved, and have SUCH immense potential to make a lasting and positive difference in this matter where you’ve been, where you are now, or where you’re going...try to never forget this, and hopefully you can embrace this as a both a joyous responsibility and blessed privilege!! Your gifts, talents, time, energy and kindness can be used to encourage, uplift and be a light in this world, in any capacity...there is always significance to what we think, say and do. Let the underlying motivation and intention, always be LOVE." - Victoria Gydov © (November 12, 2018)

"What are all of our material possessions, bank accounts and blessings worth if we do not share with those less fortunate? With great fortune, comes great responsibility, but it often seems that the most generous are those that have great need themselves. One person can make a difference, and each life is of utmost importance to God, even the multitudes that go unnoticed every day. It is true that there is a terrible imbalance in the much needless suffering everywhere. We are all called to give of ourselves in whatever way we can, with love being the most priceless gift of all. This, and this alone, is a legacy worth leaving behind and remembering, all else passes away." ~ Victoria Gydov (October 17, 2015)

"Don't be afraid to be an explorer, ground-breaker and one ever got to the moon, discovered new galaxies, summited a mountain, developed a cure, created amazing works of art or music, advanced technology, or even found love by playing it safe...dare to ask questions, explore, search for answers, dream of, reach for, and seek out whatever drives your inspiration to do and create great things. The only limits that truly exist are those that we place upon ourselves." ~ Victoria Gydov © (February 2, 2015)


"Many small steps make for one great journey, so never be afraid to be walking rather than running...this is not a sprint for the finish line, but more of a meandering, stop-and-smell-the-roses, all-encompassing experience for the spirit and senses, a life-long process of loving, learning, growing and searching inside of ourselves to find what we are here to do, and ultimately reaching outside of ourselves to connect with the world that we have been blessed to take part in...a precious gift that requires our heart-felt commitment and full attention at all times." - Victoria Gydov © (January 28, 2015)

“What if one could consider one’s country…as a family…a wonderful, beautiful complexity and diversity of precious and uniquely individual souls, personalities, backgrounds, abilities and talents; everyone with something special, necessary and worthy to contribute…and agree that it should be protected, guarded, encouraged, promoted and blessed as fiercely and passionately as one would one’s own beloved friends and family…alas, what if one could consider this national identity as more than the collective memory and recorded past, however flawed and a work-in-progress it may be, and see it with gentle grace, forgiveness and patience – (such as we all hope and wish to be treated), and believe that it can be a constantly evolving, hopefully ever-improving, growing in understanding, enlightening combination of boundless possibilities, powerful launching pad and learning ground to grow, inspire and ignite limitless ideas, imagination and sparking newfound innovation…a thriving, spectacular encouraging support network, conceptual and entrepreneurial engine that could be run as cunningly, wisely and creatively as one would one’s own valued home, business, company and dream…and regardless of differences, realize how alike we all are, and re-focus one’s energy and will into achieving positive common goals, to maximize success and prosperity for all…what if we one day, could all humble ourselves before our Creator, and each other, and recognize, respect and acknowledge our mutual, fragile existence on this planet, and finally re-discover our shared heritage and connection to each other and all life…and consider each other as brothers and sisters, embracing all as one family…working towards the same vision of harmony, balance, love, hope and peace….only then, perhaps may we see the horizon of realizing our true potential as humans, in this, our only home.” ~ Victoria Gydov © (July 15, 2019)

”When will we wake up from our slumber and realize that we are not here simply for our own pleasure, our own gain, our own relentless ambition and selfish pursuits...and that every action has an equal and opposite reaction? What if every single one of our so-called "advancements" and gains in "knowledge and information", are not making us any more intelligent, sentient, enlightened, prosperous or advanced? What if all of our so-called progress and what we deem as “civilization” actually just reveals our own selfishness, ignorance, inadequacies and lack of wisdom and insight into the narrow-minded, tunnel-vision, and sadly, always-dire consequences of our actions? When will we finally embrace and believe as a whole, that we were lovingly CREATED and meant to live in harmony WITH the Earth, and all that is on, beneath, and above it, and not just to senselessly and self-indulgently exist, plow forward and pillage the Earth mindlessly and without thought-of-tomorrow, behaving irrationally and irresponsibly, and in the process, destroying everything in our path to self-fulfillment through our conquering, destructive nature, at the unpayable debt and cost of depleting, defacing and destroying every precious living thing we come across in the process, whether intended directly or indirectly? One day, we will be held accountable for not only our private and public thoughts and actions, but what we did or did not do with our knowledge, talents and blessings for the betterment of mankind and the Earth, and ultimately how we interacted with, and treated the Earth, it's creatures, inhabitants, and yea, all of God’s beautiful creation." ~ Victoria Gydov © (April 20, 2015)

“First Man”

The ultimate adventure for some may have been to set sail on uncertain journeys to distant, exotic lands...long fabled, or to ascend to the highest peaks, once thought to sleep amongst the clouds, or descend to the deepest depths, where light cannot follow, thought unreachable, impossible-even...while others have dared to soar with eagles, carried by the winds to the outer limits, and further yet, beyond the confines of our world. All such feats had to have a beginning, and required imagination and perseverance, and someone to be the first to believe, to dare, to dream, to do.  From the earliest spark of life, there is a deep and undefined calling that urges one to seek, to grow, to learn, to be. If fortunate enough, one may be guided by loving hands that nurture and lead, and if faith allows, once can be comforted in the belief that we are also accompanied by the greatest creative force of love in the universe, an immeasurable and timeless wisdom, working tirelessly in the unseen realms, yet ever-present and deeply interested in knowing and prospering each one of us, guarding with unwavering pride, aiding us in following our path, where ever it may lead.  Tethering us securely to this mighty ship that traverses the vast ocean of the universe, and given much responsibility, is a father’s sturdy hand, anchoring us firmly in place, as kind words and reminders to be courageous in uncertainty, light the path that shows us direction as we navigate the sometimes dark and stormy waters of the unknown. Man may have seen many firsts...witnessed miracles of innovation and progress, conquered challenges that history will forever remember with awe, and even set foot on the moon....alas...beyond these victors, the first man, the first true hero that a young heart may be blessed to know and revere may be their father, and his unique tenderness and unmatched strength can be the brightest beacon that guides them on to achieving their own lifetime of “firsts”. *For my loving father, the “First Man” in my life. Love, Victoria Gydov © (October 17, 2018)

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